Jerry Woodle
Founder / Herbal Alchemist

I am Jerry Woodle, founder/Herbal Alchemist of Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals. Coming from a uniquely diverse family, I learned to love people unconditionally for their uniqueness and encourage them to pursue their interests and follow their passions. The celebration of diversity has guided my approach to people, offering new perspectives and alternative behaviors while giving them the space to release their pain and embrace their challenges as opportunities to grow. 

Ever since my first psychology course, I knew that I would empower people to realize their potential and find their happiness. I received my associate's in addiction in Chicago. Through my dedication to my schoolwork, I was awarded a scholarship to UNM where I received my bachelor's in psychology minoring in philosophy. I am currently pursing my master's in Social Work at ASU. I have dedicated my life to understanding why people behave in certain ways. I have served my communities working in the substance abuse field, as a youth advocate, and as a tutor. The problem is that the value of human connection is being socially conditioned out of us. There is an incongruence between the science of human behavior and mental health advocacy. This incongruence was very apparent as I helped people to navigate the criminal injustice system. 

All humans can benefit from learning the value of human connection and finding ways to be intrinsically motivated. I define addiction as the prioritization of one form of pleasure over all other forms of pleasure despite negative consequences because of the lack of perceived options. Bliss Point is the culmination of 16 years of study inside and outside of the classroom. It is based on my philosophy of why we exist; the intrinc ends of personal development. The Dharmaceuticals are meant to body-mind reminders designed to remind your body-mind what it naturally wants to do; heal. Meant to be used in conjunction with other holistic health practices.

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