Choosing the Right Blend for You

Choosing the Right Blend for You

Step One: Tune in

Take some deep breaths, tap each finger with your thumb. Smell a smell, taste a taste, hear a sound, and see a sight. Now you're in your body and can determine how it is feeling. Maybe you need some water, food, or rest with your elixir.

Step Two: Goal

Now that you know how you feel, you can decide how you would like to feel. On the next page you will find the different elixirs and their intended effects.

Step Three: Dosage

We give a range of dosages as we do not know what is right for you; You Do. Are you usually sensitive to caffeine etc? Or does it usually take more for you to feel the effects?

Step Four: Intention

You know how you would like to feel. You know how you would like to heal. You know what you need to get done. These formulas are designed to work with your intentions; your willingness to change your beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. Stir in the powder and syrup with your intention into a paste. Continuing to stir as you add hot water and milk. Can be pour over ice if so desired.

Step Five: Visualize

As you drink, visualize yourself completing your goals guided by your intention and your higher self

Example Intentions

  • I am calm, confident, and full of motivation.
  • I am strong, courageous and grateful.
  • I am motivated and focused.
  • I am worthy of love and compassion.
  • I have all the resources and abilities to fulfill my needs and achieve my dreams.
  • I am full of ease and satisfaction.
  • I am calm, relaxed and satisfied.
  • I remember all that I need to remember.
  • I am bountiful, abundant, and full of bliss.

Once you decide on the formula you need, then it is time to discover the best dosage for you. We recommend a range of dosage; usually between 1 and 3 capsules, or a half teaspoon to a teaspoon, etc. Use your intuition as to your dosage. Most effects will be observed in 3 days, some in 7, some in 1. If you are experiencing an exaggerated effect, e.g., jittery rather than stimulated or sleepy rather than calm, take a day off and start with a lower dose the following day. What works for one may not work for others. Your needs can change based on environmental influences. The blend you need now is not always going to be the blend you need at a different time in your life. Also, we recommend that you utilize the blend you need at the time in which you need it and not otherwise.We strongly recommend that they not be combined with drugs.

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