Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals

Why Use Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals

Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals are elixirs that I have created to optimize brain functioning and enhance mind-body communication. Each works with specific neuropathways within your brain to optimize an Energizing or Calming response within your nervous system; thus, enhancing motivation, energy, focused memory, relaxation, satisfaction, etc. I have created blends that will put you in a state of bliss and serenity or give you a calm state of confidence.

Chaivation gives you energy, motivation, focus.

Cacaovation gives you energy motivation, focus and enhances memory, but it has cacao instead of chai spices.

CacaoEase enhances the neural networks involved in relaxation, satisfaction, and happiness. Holy Kava Bliss the latest blend, enhances the way your brain processes stress and gives you a state of calm relaxation.

We all know about the fight, flight or freeze response; the fourth of those is flow. You can try to fight the experience, you can freeze up because you're overwhelmed by the experience or you can run away from the experience. But, if you release the struggle by being calmer, flow is the result. The Flow Genome Project has mapped out brain waves states and neurochemical states for flow. Visit for information on this research.

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