Discerning questions

Are You feeling fatigued? 

Do you suffer from brain-fog?  

Are you Lacking Motivation?


Do you often feel perturbed?

Do you find yourself ruminating about the past 

or worring about the future?

Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals

Why Use Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals

Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals are elixirs that I have created to optimize brain functioning and enhance mind-body communication. Each works with specific neuropathways within your brain to optimize an Energizing or Calming response within your nervous ...

Herbal Supplement Elixirs

At Bliss Point Dharmaceuticals, you will find herbal supplement blends of anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, and nootropic amino acids, herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals, and foods that may support the enhanced formation of specific neural pathways and ...

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